Surveys and condition assessments

Our surveys and condition assessments provide an overview of object or collection condition, advice on future care, and estimates for conservation. Periodic conservation surveys can help monitor collection condition.  They can indicate whether collections are stable or highlight action that is required to improve the storage and display conditions or other factors to ensure long-term preservation. We can provide conservation surveys for single objects or groups of items, or for whole collections.  We can carry them out at the Studio or on site, depending on convenience and need.

As every museum, historic house, gallery and private collection is different, we adapt our advice to meet the needs of the client concerned. We welcome initial enquiries by phone or email to discuss how we may be able to help you.

  • Preventive conservation advisory surveys cover all aspects of conservation and care of collections.  All types of collections are included but the focus is on preventive conservation issues that impact collections stability and preservation.  These can cover environmental management, buildings as protective envelopes, pest control, housekeeping, storage and display methods and materials, emergency precautions etc.
  • Specialist conservation surveys are carried out by the Studio partner specialising in the relevant collection type.  They help the museum or collection manager meet best practice in collection care. Condition reports, treatment proposals and estimates may be provided for key objects.
  • Conservation estimating surveys focus on providing condition reports, treatment proposals and estimates for a series of objects, often in preparation for new displays.
  • Object condition assessments describe the condition of objects for the purpose of safely borrowing and lending them for exhibitions, or for on-going collections care.